DSC_7820Sung Lee is an award-winning beatboxer and live looper from NYC who has been developing his craft for over 12 years. Equipped with nothing but a microphone and a loop pedal, he uses just his mouth to create fully engaging, high energy, bass thumping music through an intricate process of recording and layering vocal sounds. Sung can organically produce entire vocal compositions without the assistance of any prerecorded samples or background instrumentals, live in real time. From hip hop, to pop, to electronic dance music, he does it all – literally, with his voice.

Sung is most notable for winning the 2014 Season Finals of “Amateur Night at the Apollo,” the historic audition contest that served as a launchpad for artists such as the Jacksons, Stevie Wonder, and Lauryn Hill. He is also the 1st place winner of “Kollaboration Star 2014,” the nation’s premiere Asian American & Pacific Islander talent competition.

Sung has competed in beatbox competitions both nationally and abroad, becoming Vice Champion in the 2011 American Beatbox Championships, as well as.representing the United States at the 2015 Grand Beatbox Battle in Switzerland. Recent accomplishments have brought him attention from major television and media such as CBS News and The Huffington Post.

Sung believes he has only scratched the surface in terms of what can be done with the human voice. He is excited to share the endless musical possibilities of his vocal journey as it develops and unfolds with the rest of the world.